WalkFit Walk Away Belly Fat

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"I started out at 175 lbs, and after using Kathy's walking program, I lost about 55 lbs." - Ellen

INCREDIBLE VALUE!  $75 if purchased workouts separately!

WalkFit: Walk Away Belly Fat... 

  • 6 BRAND NEW WALKING AUDIOS that combine long-slow and interval training. This allows you to constantly mix it up, and maximum calories. Includes: Walk it Off, 30/15 Total Body Tune-Up, Pump up the pace, 30/15 Corefit Interval, 20/20 Combo Interval and Power Walk 

WalkFit: Walk Away Belly Fat...

  • Accelerate weight loss
  • Easy access on your phone
  • Energizing music
  • Learn to walk the smart way
  • Melt away belly fat in less time!

Discover the easiest weight loss secret to shed extra pounds -- especially around your belly. It's it's called WalkFit: Walk Away Belly Fat! In fact, this collection of 6 BRAND NEW walking audios can help you burn 3 times more belly fat than your ordinary walking program -- in half the time!