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14 Days of At-Home Video Workouts to Tone Up And Burn Fat...AT ANY AGE!

✅Stay Strong and Energized

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A Workout Program to Keep you Strong, Fit and Vibrant in Your 40s, 50s, 60s, and Beyond!

Staying active just got a little easier. Simplify your fitness routine with Fit Over 40, a 14-day step-by-step blueprint to get your body on track and help you feel vibrant and energized for all the great adventures coming your way.

Ready to shed extra weight?
Build strength in your muscles and help your body burn fat more effectively?
Feel vibrant and alive all day?
...Then don't miss FIT OVER 40!

With Fit Over 40, there’s no guesswork to your workout routine... you'll always know what's coming up!

For 14 days, you'll receive a workout every day....from cardio to strength training,...from walking to barre.... from pilates to yoga.

The FIT OVER 40 program includes...

✅ Toning routines that focus on creating strong arms, firm buns, and a streamline waistline
✅ Cardio routines that kick your natural fat-burning ability into full-gear
✅ Indoor/outdoor walking audios to turn your walk into a workout
✅ Daily motivation to help push you harder, and access to a private Facebook group for support along the way.

Increase Energy and Feel Good in Your Body

The 14-Day Fit Over 40 plan is a complete fitness program designed to get you on track for a lifetime of vibrant energy. I'm confident that you will notice a profound impact on your health.

What you can expect with Fit Over 40...

  • Achieve a strong body and remain healthfully vibrant in your 40s, 50s and beyond with the at-home workouts! No gym membership needed with these follow-along daily workouts!
  • Increase your strength to improve your health and your appearance
  • Burn body fat, especially around the belly with circuit training and HIIT training to torch fat as fuel even after you've stopped working out.
  • Lengthen your healthspan, fix a broken metabolism, and ​STOP wasting your valuable time! These fast, fun, and unique toning circuits take advantage of your own bodyweight, and can literally be done anywhere. ​
  • Improve posture by focusing on the "forgotten" muscles of the back to help counteract the tendency to slouch. Look 10 pounds slimmer, and project a confident image. ​
  • Nourish the brain and body with daily workouts delivered straight to your email. All you have to do is click on the workout, and the program begins! Millions of women have found their favorite workout...and rave about the results! ​
  • Pamper yourself with rejuvenating stretches and reconnect your mind and body. ​
  • Protect your joints with smooth and controlled movements that are easy-to-follow ​
  • Get FREE access to the exclusive Fit Over 40 Facebook group for accountability, support, and motivation. ​
  • Appropriate for ALL FITNESS LEVELS: modifications are provided with every routine so you can exercise safely, effectively and within your personal abilities!

Results that REAL PEOPLE are Seeing With Fit Over 40

"I've lost 8 pounds with Fit Over 40!" - Charlene

"I'm on day 7, and I'm down 5 pounds, sleeping better, huge energy boost, and feeling positive about my health. Loving Fit Over 40!" - Corinne

"After completing Fit Over 40, my husband complimented me this morning, saying my figure looks better than it ever has...I'm 65!" - Janie

"With Fit Over 40, I lost some weight, gained some muscle, but the best thing is, now I want to add to my workout time and my good diet choices I think I feel too good to ever be 'bad' again!" - Jenine

"I'm feeling better, sleeping better, and best of all, I'm getting better mobility in the morning. Feeling very thankful for Kathy Smith. Fit Over 40 has made a big difference in helping me adopt better habits." - Nancy

"Opening jars on my own, seeing the muscular definition in my legs and arms, feeling the strength of my core when I put my hand to my waist, and my independence from sugar (finally!) are my new favorite things. Thank you Kathy, and Fit Over 40!"

How Kathy's Programs Have Changed People's Lives

"I lost 140 pounds with Kathy Smith's programs!" - Margaret

"I lost 55 pounds in 4 months with Kathy Smith's programs!" - Dania

"I lost 38 lbs in 3 months with Kathy Smith's programs!" - Becky