14 Days To Summer Challenge - Short Workouts, Big Results!

$ 29.99

The 14 Days To Summer Daily Challenge is a complete fitness and health program that's designed to get you on track for a summer of fun!

Here's what's delivered to your email every morning for 14 days...

  • Daily workout video to flip your fat-burning switch! All you have to do is click play. The program includes 14 intense workouts that vary from cardio, ab work, yoga, and strength training. You'll be shocked by the results!

  • Each workout is 10 minutes...short workouts, big results!

  • Recipe every day for 14 days to lose extra pounds and get on track to your ideal size!
  • 14 Laws of living lean to have your healthiest body ever!
  • BONUS: At the end of 14 days, if you've completed all the workouts, I'll send you a FREE WORKOUT DVD of your choice! 

"I'm feeling great and loving the different exercises in the 14 Days to Summer Daily Challenge!"

- Heather