Adrenal Reset Kit

$ 24.99

Product Description


- DON'T MISS! One-Hour T.V. Presentation On Ageless Energy - In this 1-hour presentation, I'll teach you how to maintain an active lifestyle and stay effortlessly energetic.

 FAN FAVORITE! Gentle Pilates DVD To Unleash Energy - 
Reset your adrenals, and regain your energy while tightening your "powerhouse."By isolating hard-to-reach muscles using Pilates principles, you'll revel a stronger, healthier body! 

 MUST HAVE! Total Body Turnaround DVD To Release Tension, Build Stamina, and Improve Balance - 
Designed to combat the aging process, TotalBody Turnaround is split into three 20-minute workouts for a convenient, fast and fun way to get fit. You'll wake up your body to feel stronger, leaner and more energized.