Eat For Vitality - Fit Over 40 Meal Plan

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Banish Fat And Slow Aging By Changing The Way You Eat Without Giving Up the Foods You Love!
...With The Eat For Vitality - Fit Over 40 Meal Plan
Exercise is crucial if you want to live a healthy lifestyle. But the other ESSENTIAL part of weight loss is nutrition. If you really want to ramp up your metabolism during this challenge and get lasting results, then make sure to check out the Fat Burning Meal Plan! Watch the video below to learn more!

Yes, we are all going to age. And yet, it's possible to make this next stage of life a much richer adventure and avoid the great decline that so many women experience. 

You have control over how that journey is going to look. It might feel like a stiff body, sore joints, foggy brain, and lack of energy. 

Or, it could be filled with renewed vitality, a supple body, and a healthy's your call. 

The Eat For VitalityFit Over 40 Meal Plan offers a sensible approach to eating that allows you to reset your metabolism, balance your hormones and age optimally. 
The  Eat For Vitality - Fit Over 40 Meal Plan has helped thousands of people transform their relationship with food and radically improve their health, appearance, and performance.
Real People. Real Results.
"I lost 38 lbs in 3 months with Kathy's programs!" 
- Becky

"I lost 40 lbs and am now at my goal weight. I would not have been able to do it without Kathy's help!" 
- Amy

By combining the  Eat For Vitality - Fit Over 40 Meal Plan with the Fit Over 40 exercise program, you have the opportunity to regain your vitality, and you get the benefits of reduced risk of diseases, decreased symptoms of inflammation in your body, and enhanced strength and stamina. 

As you age, there's no better feeling than having enough energy and vitality for all the adventures coming your way!

Remember...exercise is crucial. However, the other essential part of living a healthy lifestyle is having a nutritious and healing meal plan. 

Through the years, your metabolism can become a bit broken. And if you've been on an extremely restrictive diet, your body will have a tendency to preserve every fat cell as it goes into survival mode. 

The Eat For Vitality - Fit Over 40 Meal Plan is an easy-to-follow eating plan that will get your metabolism working efficiently. And, the reward is that you'll start shedding excess fat. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it can be your new reality. 

How This Meal Plan Resets Your Metabolism

When you reach age 40, losing weight becomes a little more involved. 

Here's why... Generally, muscle strength reaches its highest point at age 30 and declines every decade. As you lose muscle mass, you start to increase fat mass. 

Women especially tend to notice belly fat around the waist. Some of this has to do with hormones because they play a big role in every aspect of fat... including fat storage, gut bacteria, and cravings.  

Maintaining hormonal balance starts with what's on your plate. With the  Eat For Vitality - Fit Over 40 Meal Plan, you'll eat foods that stabilize your blood sugar so you feel less hungry and more balanced throughout the day. You'll be increasing your fiber intake and eating foods that don't cause high cortisol levels, which means a healthy and happy body...including your gut. 

Losing weight is about more than just vanity. Fat, especially belly fat, correlates with a number of diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers. And, belly fat is a marker that your health is going downhill. 

Here's What You Get:

Eat Delicious Food... And Still Lose Weight!

Jumpstart Program: 6 days to kickstart your weight loss.

Simple 6 Fit for Life Eating Plan: Shows you what to eat and when to eat. Learn how to plan your meals for the day. 

  • Eat Delicious Food... And Still Lose Weight! The Fit Over 40 Meal Plan takes the guesswork out of eating. 
  • ​Optimal macros to help you burn fat and replace it with lean muscle.
  • ​Carb Cycling: When to eat carbs to rev up your metabolism 

50+ Healthy, Wholesome Recipes: 

  • Includes over 50+ breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and shakes that will inspire you to eat healthy, whole foods. 
  • ​Plus, with so many no-hassle recipes, there are plenty of great options that you'll be sure to love. 
  • ​The Fit Over 40 Meal Plan includes recipes that are mouthwatering, but not too-taxing on your time or budget.  

Facebook Support Group

For 24/7 support, motivation, and accountability!

Bonus: Stress Eating Solution audios!
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Stay Calm Solutions: This special technique helps you stop stress-eating, late-night snacking, and binging.

The big payoff is you can maintain energy all day while losing weight. ​Your cells will function better, your body will perform better, and you'll regain your vitality. 

What to Expect

  • Savory meals that give you the nutrients to slow down the aging process, and allow your body to heal on a cellular level
  • ​Whole ingredients to boost your mental clarity and refuel the brain and body 
  • ​Meal plans designed to support your immune system 
  • ​Options for post-workout muscle recovery, afternoon pick-me-ups, or sweet treats to finish your day
  • ​​Fiber-rich options to help curb hunger and keep you satisfied
  • ​​Delicious snacks and smoothies to manage sugar cravings
  • ​​Nutrient-dense treats to keep your energy boosted all-day long 


Big Payoffs

  • Regain your vitality
  • ​Feel empowered to take control of your health 
  • ​Reverse many of the problems associated with aging
  • ​Wake up refreshed
  • ​Manage hunger and control portions
  • ​Increase fat-burning potential 
  • ​​Improve mental clarity and focus
  • ​​Achieve more calm

What Does A Typical Day's Menu Look Like?

Breakfast: Garden omelet or scramble 

Snack: Chocolate almond slimdown smoothie 
Lunch: Arugula tossed with blackberries, avocado, and walnuts with chicken or turkey slices and lemon juice
Dinner: Spaghetti squash bolognese with steamed broccoli

BONUS Stress Eating Solution Audios! 
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Don't Eat When You're Anxious, Bored, Lonely, or Stressed... This is Why! 

Mood-eating is an overwhelming issue that impacts almost all of us.

When you're anxious, bored, lonely, or frustrated, it's easy to turn to comfort foods. But eating in these emotional states can impact the waistline.

When you're stressed-out, you have higher levels of cortisol levels, and higher cortisol levels can increase belly fat. Learning to eat in a calm, relaxed state is important for your weight maintenance and well-being.

Ready to Get Started?

Now you might think that a program like this will be expensive. And of course the fact that a nutrition coach would cost you around $100 per session - and to be frank, I charge $300 for a meal plan with one on one training.

But I want to make this affordable to every person that needs to lose weight and I mean it. I wrote it so busy people like YOU could quickly and easily get their hands on the EXACT information you need to take control of your body and start actually enjoying food, feeling amazing again, and achieving your fitness goals as fast as possible.

The  Eat For Vitality - Fit Over 40 Meal Plan Includes Everything You Need For Fast Results:

- Jumpstart Program: 6 days to kickstart your weight loss.

- Simple 6 Fit for Life eating plan: Shows you what to eat and when to eat 

- Carb Cycling: When to eat carbs to rev up your metabolism 

- 50+ Healthy, Wholesome Recipes: 50+ breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and shakes that will inspire you to eat healthy, whole foods. 

- Facebook Support Group: Accountability, encouragement, and support!

- Stay Calm Solutions: This special technique helps you stop stress-eating, late-night snacking, and binging.

- Bonus: Stress Eating Solution audios!

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