Kathy Smith's Flex Appeal: A Belly Dance Workout DVD

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Product Description


20-minute segment guides you through the basic steps of Bellydance.Enjoy this slow and sensual routine while you gain confidence and self-esteem.

20-minutes segments to fast hip moves and core work designed to burn calories and work tone and strengthen those abs.

10-minute Flex Appeal stretching routine combing yoga, pilates, and gentle restorative moves to rejuvenate the body.

Bonus Features -

  • Learn a complete choreographed Bellydance routine to do on your own, or entertain that special someone.
  • Enjoy the bonus "solo" dance by Bellydance Superstar, Ansuya.
  • Catch the "behind the scenes" take outs of the Flex Appeal production.

For best results and to avoid plateaus, rotate these workouts throughout the week with Kathy Smith's NEW Matrix Method Ultimate Sculpt and Power Walk for Weight Loss workouts.

Appropriate for all fitness levels.