Lift Weights To Lose Weight E-Book

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Downloadable PDF You can boost your metabolism now--even if you haven't exercised in years. You can build stronger bones now nad help prevent osteoporosis -- no matter what you age. You can tone and sculpt your body now--and see results sooner than you ever thought possible! Kathy Smith, creator of America's most popular exercise videos, reveals the only exercise program that can deliver these benefits: strength training with weights. In this exciting new book, Kathy Smith provides a 12-week program that will not only make you look great but feel better, too. By following her step-by-step instructions, which include strength training for as little as one hour a week, you can go from flabby to firm and possibly drop a dress size -- or two! With a workout that is fun and easy to do and gives you sleek feminine curves -- never bulky mass.