Shed The Pounds 3 DVDs In 1

Product Description

The Shed the Pounds DVD offers three different workouts in one. These workouts include Starting Out, Instant Workout, and March to Fitness.


  • These energizing and fun workouts will have you shedding weight, improving your cardio, and sculpting muscles.
  • With three different workout to choose from, you can stay excited and motivated to work out day after day.
  • These workout include aerobic, body toning, and stretching routines.

Kathy Smith leads you through three different routines that will help you shed pounds and tone muscles. These calorie burning workout are great for all fitness levels and can help you look and feel better than ever! Use these aerobic exercises to lose weight and stay in shape.

DVD includes:

  • Starting Out - Tone and firm all the muscles in your body and learn the proper alignment and techniques to get the most out of your workout. The aerobic routine is designed to get you moving with a series of low-impact moves.
  • Instant Workout - Complete routine designed to get you the toning, cardio fat burning, and stretching you need for your new body. This one hour workout includes three 20-minute routines that will sculpt your arms, legs, buns, and abs.
  • March to Fitness - The benefits of walking are timeless, enjoy this 30-minute low-impact fat burning aerobic workout. Easy-to-follow walking and marching moves offer a full range of intensity no matter what your fitness level is.

These three workout routines will help you breaking a sweat and shedding pounds fast!


Starting Out 


Instant Workout 


March to Fitness