Tight Thighs, Tight Knees!

$ 34.99

Product Description

Re-size Your Thighs & Tighten Your Lower Body!


  •  Ultimate Lower Body Lift DVD - Split into two 15-minute segments: Tight Thighs and Bottom's Up, which incorporate strength training techniques from the ankle cuff resistance band (included) to make over your lower body in record time! 

  • Power Walk For Weight Loss - Reset your body with three 20-min balance, circuit and energy workouts. The circuit segment trims and firms, ramping up your calorie burn and attacking your trouble spots. Next, you'll hone your balance to help you continue doing the activities you love. Finally, refresh and recharge with the total-energy segment to wake up you body and de-stress your life.

  • Ultimate Sculpt DVD -  Super-shrink fat with interval training that alternates between total-body moves and core-conditioning exercises. This incredibly powerful method of conditioning is one of the most effective ways to tone your body. Ultimate Sculpt is based on functional training, where you work your entire body as a unit for faster results.

  • Ankle Cuff Resistance Band - Add strength training to your workout! The ankle cuff resistance band helps lift and tighten your buns and thighs and restore your overall strength and balance to lose weight in time for summer! Small enough to fit under your desk or in a suitcase for travel.