Total Body Toning

Product Description

The Kathy Smith Total Body Toning workout DVD is a great full body workout—targeting upper body, lower body, and core. This video works on strengthening, improving stability, and coordination.


  • This workout routine involves a resistance tube, stretch band, and exercise ball.
  • The DVD is split into three different exercises for a upper, lower, and abs workout, plus a bonus workout.
  • This workout is perfect for all fitness levels and offers a great full body workout.

Throughout this workout DVD Kathy Smith will lead you through different routines using a resistance tube, stretch band, and exercise ball. Work to tone your upper and lower body, work on your core, and enjoy a quick bonus workout that will have your burning calories fast.

DVD includes:

  • Ultimate Upper Body workout
  • Lean Lower Body workout
  • Healthy Abs and back workout
  • Bonus- Slim and Fit Total Body workout

Get a fit, toned, strong, and lean body with this challenging and effective workout DVD!