Total Firm & Fit Kit with DVD and Equipment

$ 74.99 $ 116.99

Brand: n/a

Kit Includes: 

- Resistance Tubes 
- Stretch Band 
- Resistance Figure 8 
- Ultimate Upper Body, Lean Lower Body, Slim & Fit Total Body DVD with Kathy Smith 
This workout kit is like no other. It’s efficient, incredibly effective, and targets the entire body using Resistance Tubes, the unique Resistance Figure 8 Tube and Stretch Band. 

Kathy leads you through three exercise routines targeted to firm various parts of your body. 

- Ultimate Upper Body 10 minute workout using the Adjustable Resistance Tubes helps burn calories & tone your upper body. 
- Lean Lower Body 10 minute workout using the Resistance Figure 8 Tube helps lift & firm your glutes and thighs. 
- Slim & Fit Total Body 10 minute workout using the Stretch Band helps you stretch your muscles and slim down fast. 

Benefits you can expect: 

- Increase muscle volume to burn more calories and lose weight. 
- Sculpt and tone your entire body. 
- Strengthen your core and flatten your abs. 
- Renew energy, improve sleep and increase vitality. 
- Restore overall fitness level for a healthy, longer life. 
- Designed for all fitness levels, it’s just 30 minutes, you can fit it in anytime. Get started today, and be on your way to a totally toned, sculpted, sleek physique!