VEGAN - KS Wellness Protein Powder (Special Offer)

$ 59.99 $ 69.99

15 Servings Per Bottle

Announcing our brand new KS Wellness Vegan Protein Shake: A Delicious, All-Natural Plant-Based Drink That Your Body Will Thank You For 

Made with real plant-based food ingredients, KS Wellness Vegan is the best way to add the quality protein you need for optimal health and nutrition levels.

With every delicious sip you’ll supply your body with beneficial fiber, vitamins and minerals for an all-natural boost of clean energy.

CREAMY VANILLA - The rich, creamy taste of a Vanilla Kathy Smith Protein Shake is an exciting way to get the nutrition you need. With the protein-rich whey and a full scope of nutrients, it provides one of life’s pleasures as you enjoy a treat you know is good for you in every way!

ULTIMATE CHOCOLATE - Indulge in the decadence of the Chocolate Kathy Smith Protein Shake. It will satisfy your sweet tooth and provide a delicious, healthy, and sugar-free option for fighting off those junk food cravings!

Here’s why it’s the perfect addition to a healthy routine:

#1 Tastes Amazing - Trust me when I say mornings are so much better with this luscious, refreshing and creamy shake! You’ll delight your taste buds and feel guiltlessly satisfied with its rich and velvety flavor.

#2 Packed With Nutritious Plant-Based Proteins - To ensure that you're getting a complete amino acid profile, we've blended a variety of different plant proteins including pea, pumpkin, and almond. With 20g Protein per serving you’ll support a strong, healthy body and power through even the most demanding days.

#3 Designed With Sustainable and All-Natural Ingredients - One look at our label and you’ll see why drinking KS Wellness is a choice you’ll feel great about. Our shake is completely vegan and free of Dairy, Gluten, Soy, GMOs and Added Sugars. We’ve taken every measure to ensure it’s great for the environment, great for animals, and great for your body!

#4 Designed For Optimal Nutrition - Protein isn’t the only reason to drink this shake. In just one glass you’ll also supply your body with 8 Billion Units of Probiotics, 25 Vitamins & Minerals and 4 Digestive Enzymes. Drink it in the morning for the best start to your day.

#5 Mixes and Blends Easily - Enjoy KS Wellness as a convenient drink, mix it with oatmeal or add it to your favorite recipe. There’s no shortage of ways to get plant-based nutrition you need to look and feel your very best.

I feel confident in saying that this will be the best protein shake powder you’ve ever tried. But I understand you want a guarantee just in case - just in case something comes up, just in case you don't like it, or just in case this is not the right time for you. 

That's why I have no problem providing a satisfaction guarantee for 60 days. Contact us anytime within the first 60 days and get a full refund if you find that this simple, powerful, and effective Protein Powder does not meet your needs.