WalkFit Walk Away Belly Fat

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"I started out at 175 lbs, and after using Kathy's walking program, I lost about 55 lbs." - Ellen

INCREDIBLE VALUE!  $95 if purchased workouts separately!

WalkFit: Walk Away Belly Fat... 

  • 6 BRAND NEW WALKING AUDIOS that combine long-slow and interval training. This allows you to constantly mix it up, and maximum calories. Includes: Walk it Off, 30/15 Total Body Tune-Up, Pump up the pace, 30/15 Corefit Interval, 20/20 Combo Interval and Power Walk 

  • 6 TEN-MINUTE AB-ACTIVATING VIDEOS to zero-in on your core, increase your training effect dramatically, and get more bang for your belly. Includes: Ageless Staying Strong Core, FastFit Miracle Abs, Lift Weights To Lose Weight Abs, Peel Off The Pounds Pilates Lower Body And Core Pilates Mat Workout, Pilates For Abs, Tummy Trimmers Standing Abs, and Ultimate Sculpt Core Conditioning. 

  • SAMPLE WORKOUT CALENDAR that shows a typical week of how to alternate the audios and videos. The progression of exercises are designed to give you maximum results in record time.

WalkFit: Walk Away Belly Fat...

  • Accelerate weight loss
  • Easy access on your phone
  • Energizing music
  • Learn to walk the smart way
  • Melt away belly fat in less time!

Discover the easiest weight loss secret to shed extra pounds -- especially around your belly. It's it's called WalkFit: Walk Away Belly Fat! In fact, this collection of 6 BRAND NEW walking audios can help you burn 3 times more belly fat than your ordinary walking program -- in half the time!  

And, you'll notice your abs start to tighten when you add in 10-mins of target training, before your walk. In addition to walking audios, this complete program also includes 6 ab-activating videos to help remind you to engage your abs while you're walking. This will help you speed up your pace...which means you'll burn even MORE calories!