Workout Of The Month Club

$ 6.99

Product Description

No matter why you move, the NEW WORKOUT OF THE MONTH CLUB can help you win at slim, and celebrate your arms, abs and everything month at a time.

Come join me and embark on a wonderful new fitness adventure!  Each month, you'll automatically receive a complete Kathy Smith workout....from barre to yoga to HIIT routines to strength training. The exciting selections include award-winning videos and audios that range from 30-60 minutes. And, every routine is ready-to-go, so just click the play button and get started from your phone, computer, or tablet!  We won't blame you if each month's workout becomes your new favorite :)

How it works

1. New selection each month On the 1st of each month, we'll send you an email announcing the workout of the month, and a link to access the routine. 

2. Press play  It's simple. Just click the play button in the email, and the workout will begin! Don't like the selection? No worries. Just let us know and we'll send you another one!

3. Need advice? If you need advice on how to get the best results, then ask Kathy on Facebook.

Find out what a workout of the month can do for your health, vitality, and waistline! When you join, we'll send you 1 digital workout each month...which means no shipping and INSTANT access!