Fat Burning Classics (3 DVDs In 1)

Product Description

Find three classic Kathy Smith workouts from the ‘80s! 


  • This three in one DVD includes the classics "Body Basics," "Winning Workout," and "Fat Burning Workout."
  • Targets arms, legs, and abs
  • Great for beginners and all fitness levels

The three workouts included are:

  • Body Basics (1985): This is a high-energy, low-impact routine that works to strengthen and tone the whole body. It includes special segments to flatten abs, lift buns, and firm legs and thighs.

  • Winning Workout (1987): This workouts combines all the benefits of aerobics, weight training, and stretching. Workout to the great beat of the ‘80s with this fun and easy to follow routine.

  • Fat Burning Workout (1988): This high- and low-intensity workout is designed to burn fat and tone muscles. Plus you'll learn how to maximize results by isolating specific muscles.