Protein Shake

Protein shakes - Nature's Sweet Superfood Shake

"This is hands down the BEST protein shake I've EVER tried!!!!!!!" - Mary

You can lose weight while feeling healthier and happier! The Kathy Smith Protein Shake is the perfect balance of digestible protein, sourced from New Zealand Grass fed cows, contains 8 billion probiotics per serving, mixes easily in all kinds of liquids—water, milk, or green tea. This healthy protein shake is sugar free, GMO free, and free of lactose and casein. It's the perfect complement for your active lifestyle. Indulging in this shake will satisfy your sweet tooth and provide a delicious, healthy, and sugar-free option to fight off junk food cravings!

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Every protein shake order comes with a FREE COPY of the 2-Week Jump-Start Diet! I’ve seen people lose up to 10 pounds in two weeks with this program*—that’s why so many people consider this the best fast track method to losing fat. The program includes:

  • A simple eating plan, proven to help you lose weight, gain more energy throughout the day, and flatten your abs.
  • 30+ delicious, fat-burning recipes so you can eat more and weigh less. Plus, you can indulge in desserts...every day!
  • A step-by-step guide to help you easily design your own meals.
  • FREE 10-minute Ultimate Sculpt workout video designed to rev up your metabolism and shed pounds!

*Individual results may vary

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