Strength Training

In addition to all of the physical rewards you'll receive from strength training (including increased lean muscle mass, the ability to burn more calories throughout the day, and stronger core muscles to protect your back from pain) strength training has the ability to expand your life in so many other ways...including improving your memory! Ready to get started? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Need a guide of exactly what workout to do each day? Then the 30-Day Lift Weights To Stay Young program is for you! It includes a daily calendar and three complete workouts, so you can increase lean muscle mass and protect your bones.

  • Reset your body with four 15-minute workouts with Staying Strong!  This target-training workout sculpts your arms, legs, glutes, and core while using light weights. The progression of exercises is designed to give you maximum results in record time.

  • Functional training is an incredibly powerful method of conditioning. Ultimate Sculpt is based on incorporating functional training with interval training, so you work your entire body as a unit.