Total Body Toner

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Total Body Toner is a complete 8-week workout and eating program, that allows you to maintain a strong body, and an energized feeling that represents the new ageless body. 

Outsmart Fat and Change The Way You Age

One of the comments I get all the time is, "Kathy, I have such a hard time staying in shape after 40." When you reach age 40, maintaining strength becomes a little more involved.... and having flat abs requires a few different strategies.  

Here's why... Generally, muscle strength reaches its highest point at age 30 and declines every decade. 

For women especially, we tend to notice belly fat around the waist. A large part of this has to do with hormones, because they play a big role in every aspect of fat... including fat storage, gut bacteria, and cravings. 

With the Total Body Toner program, you can get a jumpstart on reducing fat and strengthen your entire body... and we're also going to focus on  the abs. 

The cardio routines are an easy way to burn fat from your entire body. Also included are strength routines to define your upper body, lower body, and core. Plus, people are raving about the daily meal plan and the private Facebook community.

Through the years, your metabolism can become a bit broken. And if you've been on an extremely restrictive diet, your body will have a tendency to preserve every fat cell as it goes into survival mode. 

Reducing fat, especially around the belly about more than just vanity. It correlates with a number of diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers. And, belly fat is a marker that your health is going downhill. You have the choice at any age to reverse the process!

By moving and eating in a way that treats your body well, your metabolism will start working efficiently and the reward is that you'll start shedding excess fat. 

Here's How TOTAL BODY TONER Works...



​8 Weeks of at-home toning routines to define your body from head to toe. Designed for every fitness level! 

Total Body Toner includes the right mix of upper body, lower body, and ab exercises that work together to tone the entire area from every angle so you can have a trimmed, sleek, physique. ​

Strong women stay young!


No matter how strong your muscles are, you still need to burn the fat that lies above (subcutaneous) and below (visceral) your muscles. 

Visceral fat doesn't just give you a big can lead to chronic illnesses, some of them potentially deadly. And visceral fat is harder to get rid of.

You'll tackle visceral fat with High Intensity Interval Training... the best belly-fat targeting method. People who interval train have far more fat loss compared with endurance trainers. 

These super-workouts will help you reach your goals faster. 


Total Body Toner includes a day-by-day 8-week meal plan that takes the guesswork out of eating. 

Nothing could be easier, because the plan shows you exactly what to eat for each meal of the day. Plus, recipes that are mouthwatering, but not too-taxing on your time or budget. 

With 100+ no-hassle recipes, there are plenty of great options that you'll be sure to love.