Ageless Beauty Circuit Training Workouts

$ 21.99

Two of my newest DVDs, Total Body Turnaround and Staying Strong are combined in the Ageless Beauty Kit! Designed to combat the aging process.

Total Body Turnaround is split into three 20-minute workouts for a convenient, fast and fun way to get fit. You'll wake up your body to feel stronger, leaner and more energized.

Reset your body with four 15-minute workouts in Staying Strong. This target-training DVD sculpts your arms, legs, glutes and core while using light weights. The progression of exercises are designed to give you maximum results in record time. Designed for all fitness levels with modifications to suite your modifications or needs.

What customers are saying...
"After two years of working out with Kathy Smith's Total Body Turnaround and Staying Strong DVDs, I am able to keep up with my husband hiking through forests mushroom hunting. He even noticed! Thank You!!" - Julie

"I'm enjoying Kathy Smith's Ageless DVDs very much - I love how she incorporates so many moves for spine health throughout. Thank you, Kathy!" - Pat