Product Description

Short on Time, No Problem!

Get a great full body workout with FastFit with five 10 minute workouts.


  • Five different routines for an easy and effective workout.
  • Full body, strength training exercise that focuses on toning muscles, burning fat, and strengthening your body.
  • Mix and match different routines for a personalized workout that target different areas, or do them all for an intense and effective routine.

FastFit makes it simple to get a full body workouts with five different routines. These 10 minutes exercises make it easy to follow along, keeps you motivated, and allows variety in your workout. Pick and choose the routine you want to cover for the day or do the entire workout for a challenging, effective, and full body workout. The routines target arms, legs, glutes, and abs while incorporating cardio.

The 10 minutes segments are:

  • Total body toner
  • Body basics
  • Fat burning blast
  • Miracle abs
  • Stretch and flex



  •  "FastFit is finally a workout I look forward to doing again and again. There is NO Dread factor in any of the 10 min workouts. It's easy to follow, fun, and it works!" - Marsha

  • "I love FastFit because It gives you a variety of short work outs so you can mix & match & not get bored." - Shari

  • "FastFit calls me to work out just 10 minutes, but I have found once I get that first 10 minutes accomplished, that feeling of 'victory' spurs me on to another 10 minutes. I am stronger and energized by the high." - Judy