Matrix Method Power Walk For Weight Loss

Product Description

Walk on the wild side with this Power Walk For Weight Loss from the Kathy Smith’s Timeless Collection. This walking workout DVD is perfect for beginners and all fitness levels!


  • This walking workout offers an indoor walking experience with an outdoor feel.
  • Follow along to get the most out of your walking workout, incorporating arms and additional steps for a full body workout.
  • This hour long walking DVD includes a warm-up, core conditioning, cool-down, and more.

This Kathy Smith walking workout DVD helps to burn calories and helps with weight loss! This exercise DVD combines aerobic, toning, and core conditioning into one 60 minute workout will have you working up a sweat and getting your heart pumping. This walking DVD incorporates the Matrix Method for a full body workout. To create a tougher workout, add in small hand weight.

The walking workout DVD includes:

  • Intro
  • Walking Part 1
  • Walking Part 2
  • Core Conditioning
  • Cool Down and Stretching

Get a great aerobic workout and tone your body with this fun and energizing exercise DVD!