Power Step Workout DVD (BONUS: Fat Burning Breakthrough)

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Product Description

Step your way to sculpted legs with this Power Step Workout DVD. This DVD includes two separate workouts for an extremely effective and intense routine.


  • This exercise DVD includes a power step routine as well as a bonus routine, creating a calorie-blasting 105 minute workout.
  • The power step routine is a three part workout that increases difficulty with each segment.
  • The bonus routine is a Fat Burning Breakthrough step workout that can help you see results.

Stepping is a great workout that offers cardio and sculpts leg muscles. This 50 minute power step routine will lead your through three different segments, increasing the difficulty with each routine. This will help you burn more calories, increase fitness level, and tone your thighs and glutes! This routine is followed by a bonus 55 minute Fat Burning Breakthrough exercise routine that will have you working up a sweat!

DVD includes:

  • Power step warm-up
  • Three routine of varying difficulty
  • Bonus Fat Burning step routine

Reach new fitness levels and tone your legs with these two intense step workouts that are great for all fitness levels!