Latin Rhythm DVD

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Product Description

Dance the inches away with the Latin Rhythm Dance Workout DVD. This is a fun way to get a great workout and learn how to dance all in one!


  • This dance DVD incorporates salsa, cha cha, and merengue dance moves for an exercise that is exciting and fun.
  • The 44 minutes workout is broken into five sections and includes two choreographed dances and a bonus!
  • Kathy Smith makes it easy to follow along with the different dances, learn to moves, and burn calories during this energizing workout.

If other exercise DVDs are not interesting to you and you find yourself getting distracted with something else, this could be the perfect DVD for you! This is a fun and effective workout that teaches you dance moves. These highly aerobic dances will have you burning calories, toning your body, and loving your new workout!

This Latin dance DVD includes:

  • Latin Basics Warm-up
  • Latin Basics Workout
  • Latin Sizzle Workout
  • Cool Down and Stretch
  • Buns Latin Partner Dancing

Dancing is a great way to workout out and have fun with doing it! If you have always wanted to learn Latin dances, this DVD can help while giving you a great workout!



"THANK YOU Kathy for the Latin Rhythm Dance Workout! Finally I don't feel overwhelmed trying to learn latin dance. You make it easy and a great workout, all at the same time! Your cuing is impeccable as always, and I love that there's 2 workouts on the DVD for beginners and up to advanced!" - Diana