Sweating To The '80s and '90s

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Includes 12 workouts in 4 DVDs:

Fat Burning Classics:

  • Body Basics (1985) - This fan-favorite workout lays the foundation with low-impact cardio moves that will give you results, without putting stress on your bones and joints. Simple muscle toning exercises that target your abs, legs, and buns, will help you increase lean muscle mass for maximum calorie burning throughout the day.

  • Winning Workout (1987) - The title says it all! This 12-week weight loss program is your introduction to the world of body sculpting. Week by week, you'll progress with this program to accelerate your metabolism, increase bone density and improve your posture!

  • Fat Burning Workout (1988) - Get in the fat-burning zone with three energizing routines, based on Kathy's long-slow fat burning principle. Maximize your results in by inch in Kathy's Body Shaping segment and really zoom in and sculpt all the major muscle groups. It's upbeat, energizing and effective. Get ready to peel away the pounds!

Super Slimdown Circuit:

  • Functionally Fit Peak Fat Burning - This fan-favorite workout begins with a 6-minute warm-up that leads into a 25-minute interval training workout for all levels (easy, medium and hard). The extended 7-minute cool-down and stretch are the perfect capper to this challenging routine. The workout will engage more muscle fibers and burn more calories! As a bonus, you'll heat up your metabolism for hours after your workout!

  • Secrets Of A Great Upper Body - Define your arms, chest! A brisk 5-minute warm-up gets you ready for the 28-minute main event: a total upper body toning workout! A 5-minute stretch winds things down and guides you into your day.

  • Secrets Of A Great Lower Body - Tone your glutes, firm your thighs, and burn fat all day long with these powerful lower-body strength training workouts.

Shed The Pounds:

  • Instant Workout (1991) These three 20-min workouts that boost your metabolism, to help you shed excess fat.

  • Starting Out (1987) This aerobic routine includes a series of low-impact moves and teaches you how to monitor your pulse for maximum results.

  • March To Fitness (1993) This 30-minute low-impact aerobic workout is accompanied by a fun, high-energy soundtrack.

Strong, Sleek, and Slim: 

  • Weight Loss Workout (1990) - Proven aerobic and weight training techniques provide a unique and effective fat burning system combined with a nutrition plan to help you meet weight loss goals.

  • Ultimate Stomach & Thighs (1989) - This 3-phased routine starts out at a comfortable pace building to more challenging intermediate and high-intensity workouts ...perfect for all fitness levels.

  • Ultimate Video Workout (1984) - Get started with this charged aerobic and strength-training workout designed to burn calories, improve cardio-vascular health and stamina.