Ageless with Kathy Smith: Total Body Turnaround

Product Description


"After two years of working out with Kathy Smith's Total Body Turnaround and Staying Strong, I am able to keep up with my husband hiking through forests mushroom hunting. He even noticed! Thank You!!" - Julie

"I'm enjoying Kathy Smith's Ageless workouts very much - I love how she incorporates so many moves for spine health throughout. Thank you, Kathy!" - Pat


The Total Body Turnaround from the Ageless With Kathy Smith collection incorporates three different workout styles to create one killer exercise that targets trouble spots, improves balance, and helps you recharge.


  • Enjoy one workout with three different 20 minute routines for a great total body workout.
  • These exercises include modifications to work with your needs and experience level.
  • This workout includes a bonus Q&A with Kathy Smith.

Get a workout that targets your problem areas, helps to enhance your balance, and refreshes your energy with three different 20 minute workouts. This workout is a great total body workout and can help you in many different areas of fitness. For the Total Body Turnaround workout you will need light hand weights and a mat.

The three workouts included are:

  • Total Circuit: this workout helps to tones and strengthens muscles and offers a full body workout by increasing the amount of calories you burn and attacking your problem areas.
  • Total Balance: work on your balance with this exercise. Improve your balance and core with this routine.
  • Total Energy: refresh and recharge with this energy segment, helping you to de-stress and feel alive!

This three part workout is a great way to get a full body workout and work on other areas of fitness. Order yours today to get started!