Kettlebell Solution DVD

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Product Description

Get a full body workout in four different routines. The Kathy Smith’s Kettlebell Solution is a two DVD set that includes a kettlebell tutorial.


  • This DVD is split into four routines, each focusing on a different area—upper body, buns and thighs, core, and cardio.
  • This is a great exercise DVD for all fitness levels and is designed to burn fat, flatten abs, tone legs, and sculpt arms.
  • Kettlebells are needed and a tutorial is included with this workout.

Get a great full body workout, tone muscle, and target all areas. Do these routines individually or as one whole workout for an intense exercise that offers great results. This strength training DVD can help sculpt your arms, shoulders, legs, and abs, all while burning fat!

DVD Includes:

  • Upper Body Solution - This 20 minute upper body workout sculpts the shoulders, arms, back and abs for a lean physique.
  • Buns and Thighs Solution - This lower body workout delivers astonishing results in about 15 minutes.
  • Core Solution - This 20 minute workout will sculpt your midsection and flatten your tummy!
  • Fat Burning Solution - This 15 minute cardio workout double as a full body workout and helps to burn fat quickly!
  • Kettlebell Tutorial

This full body workout can help you tone and strengthen you body, burn fat, and improve your cardio! If you need kettlebells, get the DVD and kettlebell package here!


"I am doing your Kettlebell DVD religiously and my arms and waist are benefiting tremendously. Thank you Kathy Smith!" - Deann