Ultimate Sculpt DVD

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Product Description

Condition and sculpt your muscles with this Ultimate Sculpt DVD. This exercise video contains four parts for the ultimate workout.


  • This DVD includes segments that focus on full body routines, abs and back workouts, a stretching routine, and a bonus workout.
  • With four different workout routines, you can choose to do them all together or separately.
  • The bonus challenge is a 12 minute routine that explores advanced moves to challenge muscles to work together.

These exercise routines are great for a workout that is quick, effective, and works the entire body. The first segment, Ultimate Sculpt, uses interval training that alternates between total body moves and core conditioning. Core Conditioning is a 10 minute segment that tones abs and back with different core exercises. Finish with a strengthen the lengthens and rejuvenates your muscles. The bonus challenge can add more intensity to your workout.

DVD includes:

  • Ultimate Sculpt
  • Core Conditioning
  • Replenish
  • Bonus Challenge

Get a great total body workout that helps strengthen your muscles, burn calories, and condition your body.