3 NEW Audio Workouts!

$ 30.00

Black Friday Bonus!
3 Free Workouts

Walk strong! Burn calories and tone muscles with three FREE NEVER BEFORE RELEASED 20/20 walking audio workouts.

Each workout includes 20 mins of guided walking followed by a 20 min resistance training workout. Just pop in your airpods or put on your headphones and join me for a workout!

These 3 FREE walking and toning audios will become your new favorites. It's a $30 bonus that will be included with all orders through Sunday. 

 FREE 20/20 Combo Intervals - Interval walking workout combined with 20 minutes of total body resistance workout 

• FREE 20/20 Upper Body Combo - Steady-state walking workout which gradually increases in intensity, followed by a 20-minute upper body resistance workout. 

•  FREE 20/20 Combo CoreFit - Walk your way to flat abs with walking combined with core activators, followed by a 20-minute core on the floor routine.