Body Boomers DVD

Product Description

The Body Boomers Workout offers three complete programs on one DVD. This exercise DVD includes Moving Through Menopause, Shaper Ball Workout, and Wellness Mind and Body: Relaxation System.


  • These workouts target different areas and offer many different benefits.
  • Do these workouts separately or together for an intense and challenging workout that help you lose weight as stay toned.
  • This DVD is great for all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced.

Tone your muscles, improve your cardio, and experience many other benefits with this DVD that provides three separate workouts.

DVD includes:

  • Moving Through Menopause (2001) - Provides low-impact cardio, stress-reducing yoga, and strength training. Designed to burn calories, protect your heart, increase mental focus, and better sleep while improving balance, posture, and maintaining bone-density. Includes nutritional strategies for symptom management and long term health benefits.
  • Shaper Ball Workout (2003) - Learn the essential and effective moves of the exercise ball to build great abs and a sexy lower body. Designed with three intensity levels for each exercise, you can design the workout that is perfect for you!
  • Wellness Mind & Body: Relaxation System (2000) - Target key "stress zones" and use easy and strain-free poses to release tension, improve posture, boost energy while you lengthen and tone your muscles.