Cardio Knockout (3 DVDs in 1)

$ 12.99

Product Description

Gain the Ultimate Edge of Body & Mind

This workout includes several of Kathy Smith's best-selling workouts including Kickboxing, Aerobox and Tai Chi.

Kickboxing Workout - Five time Martial Arts US World Champion, Keith Cooke joins Kathy in this fun and safe workout using true-to-form martial arts moves. Learn simple punching & kicking combos designed to tone and slim, kicking drills to create tighter, more shapely buns and thighs, and kickboxing stances that will provide a total mind/body connection for balance and focus.

Aerobox Workout - A winning team, Kathy and boxing veteran, Michael Olajide Jr. step into the ring to bring authentic boxing techniques developed to strengthen the upper body and abdomen. Perfect for men and women, this routine includes fast paced boxing footwork to build killler legs and jump rope/skipping for agility and overall staimina. Get a lean, scultped boxer's body with this intensely powerful cardio conditioning and toning program! FIRST TIME AVAILABLE ON DVD!

Tai Chi Energizer Workout - Kathy and Keith take you through this effective Tai Chi workout to increase flexibility while leaving you refreshed. Tai Chi provides an excellent form of mind and body connection and is the ultimate wind down after an intense cardio workout or any time.