Fat Burning Pilates DVD (With BONUS Fat Burning Breakthrough Step Workout)

$ 12.99

Product Description

Take advantage of this end of summer special and get Kathy Smith's Fat Burning Pilates for 60% off the suggested retail price. Fat Burning Pilates is one of Kathy's classic favorites and includes the following workouts:

Pilates for Abs (2001) - Learn the "Fundamentals", essential Pilates movement and focus needed to activate your "powerhouse". Focus on the deep muscles of the abs to flatten your belly and lengthen your spine. The low reps and intense mental focus provide a powerful one of a kind workout.

Pilates for the Lower Body (2002) - Learn key Pilates moves to warm-up your body and activate your core, follow through with lower body focused on toning and firming your buns and thighs. Finish your workout with reps targeted to improve strength, coordination, circulation, flexibility and better posture.

Fat Burning Breakthrough Step Workout (2000) - Challenge your workout intensity and move beyond your limits with this unique routine designed as a "wave" for maximum cardio and fat burning results. Includes an excellent warm up and cool down segment as well as a Fat Burning Food Guide. Build muscle and boost metabolism.