Timeless: Great Buns & Thighs Step Workout

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Product Description

Want tight buns and lean legs? You'll get them with my Great Buns & Thighs Step Workout! This routine features my exclusive Butt + Leg Power-Shaping Moves to strengthen and sculpt your inner and outer thighs, while lifting and tightening your greatest asset! You'll achieve maximum lower body sculpting results with this 50-minute lower body blast! Get ready to zoom in, shrink down... and target-tone below the belt!

Step 1 - CARDIO

Enter the fat-burning zone with this calorie-sapping cardio step routine. Simple moves get your heart rate up, while warming up your lower body for some serious shaping!

Step 2 - SCULPT
For the ultimate long and lean muscles, Kathy's signature Butt + Leg Power-Shaping Moves will hit all the spots! Sculpt your legs and lift your buns while increasing your lean muscle mass - which will help you burn more calories (even while you're sleeping!). Walk with newfound confidence in your favorite jeans!

Step 3 - FLOOR
Trouble spots be gone! Take it down, and put the finishing touches on your lower body with Kathy's floor-based toning moves. Use these specialized, targeted routine to perfect the shape of your glutes, hips and thighs. Also includes special segment with weights for increased intensity and benefits. Bottom line results for a great bottom!