Kettlebell Solution DVD

$ 12.99

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Product Description

The Kettlebell Solution DVD Includes...

Upper Body Solution - This 20-min upper body workout sculpts the shoulders, arms, back and abs for a lean, shapely physique. No bulging muscles here!

Buns & Thighs Solution - Looking for leaner legs and a shapely backside? Look no further! This lower body workout delivers astonishing results in about 15 mins.

Core Solution - In less than 20 mins, this workout will sculpt your midsection and have a flatter, tighter tummy! This protects you from pack pain and helps you perform everyday activities with ease.

Fat Burning Solution - Rev up your cardio engines for a 15-min fun, fat-blasting, full-body workout that will help you shed pounds and reveal a whole new you.

"I am doing your Kettlebell DVD religiously and my arms and waist are benefiting tremendously. Thank you Kathy Smith!" - Deann