Lift Weights to Lose Weight 2 DVD

$ 12.99

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Product Description

In this DVD:
  • Warm-Up - Gets your circulation going.
  • Lower Body 1 - Killer squat series that tones your thighs and lifts your butt.
  • Lower Body 2 - Glute-Intensive series that turns up the heat on your butt and leg muscles for ultimate definition.
  • Standing Upper Body Routine - uses hand weights and rotational balance moves to build poise, posture, and a strong, lean core.
  • Upper Body Floor Routine - creatively uses bodyweight to sculpt your arm and chest muscles.
  • Abs Routine - puts the finishing touches for a firm, flat stomach.
  • Bonus Feature: - 20 minute Stability Ball Workout – A fun alternative way to further develop core strength and balance.