Moving Through Menopause Kit

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• Moving Through Menopause e-book *Featured On The Oprah Show and New York Times Best-Seller List * - This 260-page definitive lifestyle program for women moving through menopause! Includes bonus questionnaires and self-tests to help you chart the changes in your body.

Staying Strong DVD - Reset your body with four 15-minute workouts! This target-training DVD sculpts your arms, legs, glutes and core while using light weights. The progression of exercises are designed to give you maximum results in record time.

• Body Boomers DVD *Featured On The Oprah Show*- Includes 3 Complete workouts: Moving Through Menopause, The Shaper Ball Workout, and Wellness Mind & Body Relaxation. Includes interval-training cardio to reduce hot flashes and improve sleep, Q&A with Dr. Mary Hardy about managing hormones to ease frustrating symptoms, a 20-min strength and balance exercise to protect your heart, release stress and maintain bone density and a bonus 35-minute wellness and relaxation system to target your stress-zones, reduce tension, and boost energy.

• Body Balance Digital Workout - A 30-minute routine that uses Mini Stability Discs (sold separately) to lift your buns, tighten your thighs, and increase your stability and confidence. The 15 Min Abs, Buns & Thighs section uses balancing techniques to shape your abs, buns and thighs while tightening your lower body. And, the 15 Min Balance Coordination restores your balance and coordination while improving flexibility!