FastFit DVD

$ 12.99

Product Description

Let's face is busier than ever before! That's why I developed the FastFit approach to working out. FastFit includes five 10-minute workouts designed to give you maximum results in minimum time. Do these routines individually, or combine them for an incredible 50-minute calorie-blasting workout. No matter how much time you have, it all counts and it all adds up to incredible results.

- Miracle Abs - 10 mins
Trim, tone and tighten your abs like never before using the latest techniques to target belly fat and banish the bulge.

- Body Basics- 10 mins
Lays the foundation with simple strengthening exercises that target your abs, legs, buns and arms with effective moves that give you a toned and sexy body.

- Total Body Toner - 10 mins
Target your arms, legs, glues and core with modifications to suite your needs and experience level.

- Fat Burning Blast - 10 mins
This easy-to-follow routine will get your heart pumping and is designed to give you maximum fat-burning results in minimum time.

- Stretch & Flex - 10 mins
Refresh and recharge with this total-energy segment. You'll wake up your body and de-stress your life.


What customers are saying...

 "FastFit is finally a DVD I look forward to doing again and again. There is NO Dread factor in any of the 10 min. Workouts. It's easy to follow, fun, and it works!" - Marsha

"I love the FastFit DVD because It gives you a variety of short work outs so u can mix & match & not get bored." - Shari

"I love the FastFit DVD because I can do all five of the 10-minute workouts in a row and felt like I've accomplished a real full body workout. It was exhilarating and 50 minutes went by really quickly!" - Joanne

"The FastFit workouts are thorough and get the job done. The cardio segment really got my heart rate up and the strength training is quick and efficient. I would definitely recommend! " - Josaphine

"The FastFit DVD calls me to work out just 10 minutes, but I have found once I get that first 10 minutes accomplished, that feeling of 'victory' spurs me on to another 10 minutes. I am stronger and energized by the high." - Judy