Kathy Smith's Shed the Pounds DVD

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Re-Shape Your Body! Getting started on a new fitness plan can be hard, I have put together three of my greatest classic workouts on one DVD that will ease you into your new fit and healthy lifestyle. This winning combination will gradually build your strength, stamina and endurance with effective, fun and easy-to-follow exercises. Mix it up, get moving and start shedding those extra pounds today!


Starting Out - Three part routine beginning with a Warm Up that includes, energizing, breathing and stretching exercises to gradually prepare you for the Body Toning segment. Tone and firm all the muscles in your body and learn the proper alignment and techniques to the most out of your workout. The Aerobic routine is designed to get you moving with a series of low-impact moves with hi-energy tunes...learn to monitor your pulse for pacing and maximizing results. You'll love movin' and grooving' into your new body! (1987)

Instant Workout - Complete routine designed to get you the Toning, Cardio Fat Burning and Stretching you need for your new body. This one hour workout includes three 20-minute routines that will sculpt your arms, legs, buns and abs. incorporate key low-impact cardio-aerobic moves to burn-calories and maintain weight-loss. Finish up with a stretching routine that will leave your muscles feeling more flexible and relaxed while zapping daily stress away. (1991)

March to Fitness - The benefits of walking are timeless, enjoy this 30-minute low-impact fat burning aerobic workout is accompanied by a fun, high-energy soundtrack, from 60's Dance to 90's Hip Hop. Easy-to-follow walking and marching moves offer a full range of intensity no matter what your fitness level is... you'll have a blast and lose weight too! (1993)

For best results and to avoid plateaus, rotate these workouts throughout the week. Be sure to add Kathy Smith's NEW Matrix Method Ultimate Sculpt and Power Walk for Weight Loss workouts to your home workout regime and really pump it up! Appropriate for all fitness levels.