Freestyle Original Step®

$ 85.99 $ 119.99

*FREE SHIPPING* The Step instantly adjusts in height from 4" to 8" and consists of three components:
  • 4" High Platform
  • 2" High Support Blocks
  • 2" High Freestyle Support Blocks
Each pair of support blocks or freestyle blocks raises the step heigh in 2" Increments.
Made from durable high density polyethylene.
43" long, 16" wide, and 4" high
Blocks are 16" square, 2" high
Comes in two color schemes: silver/black/gray and red/black/gray . DVDs You'll Get:

Timeless: Step Workout
Mix it up and get the best of both worlds with my calorie-blasting cardio step routine, and my full body weight training workout - a perfect combination to help accelerate your metabolism and define your entire body, especially your butt, hips and thighs. Video includes:
Cardio Stepping
  • Beginner (12 Minutes)
  • Intermediate (13 Minutes)
  • Advancded (10 Minutes)
Upper & Lower Body Sculpting
  • 5-Minute Abdominal Training
  • 8-Minute Upper Body Workout
  • 5-Minute Cool-down & Stretch

Timeless: Great Buns and Thighs Step Workout This routine features my exclusive Butt + Leg Power-Shaping Moves to strengthen and sculpt your inner and outer thighs, while lifting and tightening your greatest asset! Segment 1 - CARDIO (16 Mins)
    Enter the fat-burning zone with this calorie-sapping cardio step routine.
Segment 2 - SCULPT (10 Mins)
    For the ultimate long and lean muscles, Kathy's signature Butt + Leg Power-Shaping Moves will hit all the spots!
Segment 3 - FLOOR (10 Mins)
    Trouble spots be gone! Take it down, and put the finishing touches on your lower body with Kathy's floor-based toning moves.