Fat Burning Classics (3 DVDs In 1)

$ 12.99

Product Description


Fat Burning Classics includes three classic Kathy Smith workouts from the 80's, including Body Basics, Winning Workout and Fat Burning Workout. Timeless and effective no matter what the hair or clothes style!

Body Basics - (1985) High-energy, low-impact routine to strengthen and tone the whole body. Includes special segment to target problem areas to flatten abs, lift buns and firm legs & thighs.

Winning Workout- (1987) Shape up with Kathy's 12-week program that combines all the benefits of aerobics, weight training and stretching. Workout to the great beat of the 80's with this fun and easy to follow routine for a killer body!

Fat Burning Workout - (1988) This high- and low-intensity workout will burn fat and tone muscles. Plus you'll learn how to maximize results by isolating specific muscles in the Body Shaping segment.