Timeless Collection: Strong, Sleek & Slim DVD

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DVD Includes:

Weight Loss Workout - (1990) Lose weight 3 times faster! Proven aerobic and weight training techniques provide a unique and effective fat burning system combined with a nutrition plan to help you meet weight loss goals. Maximize metabolism, boost endurance with the complete cross-training workout.

Ultimate Video Workout - (1984) FIRST TIME ON DVD! Fitness routines from the 80's that still offer ultimate results...get started with this charged aerobic and strength-training workout designed to burn calories, improve cardio-vascular health and stamina. Finish with a gentle muscle stretch to decrease intensity and wind-down.

Ultimate Stomach & Thighs Workout - (1989) FIRST TIME ON DVD! Target trouble spots, tone and sculpt the ultimate abs, thighs and buns. This 3-phased starts out at a comfortable pace building to more challenging intermediate and high-intensity workouts ...perfect for all fitness levels.