Barre Body Lift DVD

$ 12.99

Product Description

Defy gravity with my Barre Body Lift Workout, a unique combination of exercises to lift, tighten, and sculpt those hard-to-reach muscles and give you the strength, energy, and shape that you’ve always wanted. I will show you how to trim inches and tone muscles using a series of small, concentrated movements, and create long, beautiful lines with deep stretches. Sculpt a sleek, younger-looking you in no time!

The Barre Body Lift DVD Includes:

15-Minute Upper Body Lift to tone and tighten the arms, shoulders, and chest

15-Minute Leg Lift
which uses a series of Barre-style squats, curls and lifts

15-Minute Butt Lift
to reshape your glutes with a combination of standing exercises and floor work

15-Minute Tummy Lift
to cinch your waistline with abdominal and core-conditioning exercises