Lift Weights to Lose Weight 1 DVD

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Product Description

This Lift Weights To Lose Weight DVD helps to tone muscles and boosts metabolism for a strength training workout. With two 20 minute workouts, you will get your heart pumping and burn calories fast!


  • This DVD offers two segments that focuses on upper body and lower body to help strengthen and tone arms and legs.
  • A bonus 10 minute abs routine is included on this DVD.
  • Light hand weights are needed and a weight bench and ankle weights are optionals.

This workout routine covers different weight routines that help to tone muscles and boost metabolism to help you burn calories and lose weight. Follow along with these two 20 minute routines to tone your arms and legs or split them up into two different workouts.

DVD includes:

  • Two 20 minute weight routines
  • Bonus abs routine
  • Hand weights needed

Boost your metabolism with this weight lifting routine. This effective and fun weight DVD will help you strengthen and tone muscles and lose weight!


"I religiously used Lift Weights To Lose Weight to get in shape after all of my babies!" - Ann